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We’re the leading independent CT and MRI service provider.

Evan Erstein

President and Founder of Etek Services Inc.

Evan Erstein  President and Founder of Etek Services IncStarted in 1982 with GE® Medical.
Trained in CT.

In 1986, we joined one of the first third-party service organizations R2 Technologies based out of Corona, California.
We started as National Tech support for CT and then also added MRI.

R2 merged and became Innoserv and was acquired by GE®.

In 1996, a few of the tech support engineers knew that by GE® acquiring Innoserv there would be a vacuum in the industry for a good viable alternative to OEM service.  We each started independent companies but worked together forming a national alliance of parts and service engineers.

Etek Services, Inc. started at that time.  Each year we have hired more engineers, parts and support.  We now have a very strong national alliance of support engineers and several parts depots throughout the country.

About ETEK Services

ETEK Services is a leading independent CT and MRI integrator and service provider for models from GE® and Siemens®, as well as other manufacturers of scanner and imaging equipment to biomedical engineers, private medical offices, health clinics and hospitals. In addition, we provide veterinarian CTs and MRIs, and have many systems operating in the veterinary market.

In 1994, two GE engineers recognized that biomedical engineers and hospitals need quality MRI and CT machine service and repair at better prices than those offered by original equipment manufacturers. Together, they opened ETEK Services, which proudly provides everything from 24/7 MRI and CT machine service and repairs to MRI and CT sales, leasing and rentals. All while saving over 20% usually over other companies. Today, we operate one of the largest warehouses in the U.S., right here in Deerfield Beach, FL, and a similar warehouse in Denver, CO. We also work closely with ScanWorks in Colorado.

Get a FREE Inspection on Existing Equipment and your First Month FREE!

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We Are Your Partners

From deciding which system is best for your clinic or hospital, to fully inspecting, de-installing and installing an MRI or CT system at a new site, we are your partners throughout the project and promise to stay with you after. We work with you to draft creative and flexible contracts that are customized to fit your business’s financial and equipment goals.

Though there are many MRI and CT machine brokers who sell systems and parts, what sets us apart is our service. All of our engineers are OEM certified, and we guarantee that any work performed by ETEK Services will always meet or exceed OEM specifications. Our staff of qualified engineers and service technicians is knowledgeable about every aspect of your machine. Whether it be from GE or Siemens, our team is experienced working with models from both manufacturers.

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