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About ETEK Services, Inc.

ETEK Services, Inc. was founded in 1994 by a group of engineers who saw the need for a price and quality alternative to OEM manufacturers and re-sellers of used diagnostic imaging systems.  Medical reimbursements were decreasing and diagnostic facilities were searching for an alternative to the high costs of OEM manufacturers and the uncertainty of third party service providers.  ETEK ‘s focus on engineering services and technical support meant that diagnostic facilities could count on their CT and MRI systems staying in top condition for a reasonable cost without sacrificing quality of service or incurring downtime.

Providing Added Value with Refurbished Scanners

As ETEK grew, customers began requesting that we offer upgrades to their diagnostic scanners.  Their confidence in our tech support, service, and quality parts was based on our guarantee that the upgraded diagnostic systems looked and worked as new.  We expanded into rebuilding entire CT & MRI systems from the ground up.  The refurbishing process does not simply include new paint; it goes much deeper than that.  We exchange parts and anything else that does not look trustworthy.

We adjust each unit mechanically and electronically and complete a full diagnostic test before shipping.  We also include full equipment warranties.  In short, the ETEK refurbishing process is one of the best.  Many of our customers say that they couldn't tell the difference between a new machine and one refurbished by ETEK.

Qualified GE CT & MRI Service Providers

Today ETEK Services assists hospitals, diagnostic centers, and private medical offices with all of their CT and MRI imaging needs.  Whether you have your own bio-medical personnel, or operate under asset management contracts, ETEK can help you increase the overall efficiency and cost effectiveness of your scanner and imaging systems.  ETEK Services can handle any or all of the details of an equipment purchase and installation from initial concept to post installation maintenance contracts, including:

    • Consulting on which MRI and CT scanner equipment is right for your needs
    • Locating the equipment
    • Arranging financing and insurance
    • Reviewing the building site
    • Installing the new equipment
    • Operating the equipment
    • Providing full equipment warranties
    • Performing regular maintenance, adjustments and warranty work
    • Un-installing used equipment     

Our in house account teams are comprised of OEM-trained physicists, electrical engineers, and technical staff.  They work closely with experienced engineers throughout the US who also have years of background in CT and MRI scanners.  This enables us to offer national installation and service support, engineering capabilities and parts warehousing.  We also consult with physicists as needed to help get your system ACR accredited.

Customized Service Contracts

Our flexible scanner and imaging system installation and maintenance plans and our quality of service are reasons why ETEK customers have been with us for a long time.  By keeping excellent relations with all of our customers, we make it easier for them to have access to the latest imaging system innovations along with competitively priced equipment, scanner parts and service options.  However, you don’t have to take our word for it; feel free to contact us for a list of references.

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