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Pre-owned LightSpeed QX/i (H1 Gantry) CT System

CT & MRI ScannersThe Pre-owned LightSpeed QX/i System is a Whole Body Multi-Slice Helical Computed Tomography Scanner Capable of Scan Routine 0.8-second Full 360-Degree Rotation Scans, While Acquiring Multiple Slices in a Single Scan Rotation. The System is Designed to Produce Optimum Image Quality with Fully Simultaneous Scan, Image Reconstruction, Filming, Archiving, Networking, and Display.


2001 GE  Lightspeed Plus 4-slice CT scanner

CT & MRI ScannersH2 Gantry, 6.3 MHU tube.





2000 – GE 1.0 Tesla MR System

CT & MRI ScannersLX Model,CX-K4 Magnet
8651 Gradients/ 50 Slew Rate
Software level 9.1,Solid State RF cabinet,Phased Array

Coils:  Torso Array, wrist, cylindrical phased array, shoulder (2sets)
TMJ coil, head coil, breast coil, extremity coil, knee coil, CTL coil


2000 GE 1.5 Echospeed MRI

CXK4 Magnet,Software Rev. 9.1
33 mT/m,Phased Array,Intuitive Workstation Based Operators ConsoleLX Software
Reflex 20,ScanTools 2000,ConnectPro Software w/ Dicom 3.0
PowerTools2000,2D / 3D Phase Contrast MRA
Cine Plus Cardiac Imaging,2D Cine PC MRA
EchoPlannar,3D Surface Rendering,Clairview,Single Shot FSE
Cardiac Analysis Package ,EchoPlus
Post Processing Analysis for Diffusion,Breast Imaging,Peripheral Vascular

Quad Transmit / Receive RF Body ,Integrated Body Module Coil
4-Coil Phased Array / Receive Only for 1.5T Cardiac Imaging
Receive Only Torso Array,Neurovascular Array,Quad Wrist
Shoulder coil Large and small,Breast coil,Quad Head,Quad CTL coil

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