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ETEK Services has the physicists, the engineers, and the technical staff who understand the complex electronic and mechanical components behind computed tomography imaging and magnetic resonance imaging.  ETEK specializes in providing pre-owned and refurbished diagnostic scanners, diagnostic imaging system support and services.  CT scanners, CAT scanners, MRI scanners and mobile CT and MRI are part of every project we undertake.

Turnkey Scanner Installations

ETEK handles a turnkey diagnostic scanner project by taking on the responsibility for the entire project.  We work with you through all the project variables from finance to insurance.  We consult with your facility to work out all the relevant scanner details for the installation, and when required, de-installation of the present unit.

From upgrading or refurbishing your existing equipment to certifying an entirely new system, we will customize the service contract to best accommodate your particular facility needs and requirements for an entirely smooth installation.  Read more about our individualized scanner service contracts.

Scanner Upgrades

CT and MRI upgrades can be scheduled to be done right in the facility and over the weekend to avoid any scanner downtime.

Scanner Maintenance

Regular maintenance minimizes downtime and maximizes performance. Whether the MRI coldhead runs out of fuel or the cyro needs replacement, we can help. With regular maintenance we can monitor coldhead operation, cryogen boil off rates or CT tube statistics to anticipate potential problems with the systems. Our service engineers arrive at a time convenient for your clinic schedule. ETEK provides stationary and mobile CT and MRI service and modality components around the country.

Mobile Scanner Rentals

ETEK has several mobile scanners ready to be deployed as interim or permanent CT and MRI rentals, for example when you are in the process of upgrading or new building construction is causing patient backlog.  We also provide support and repair services for your mobile CT or MRI imaging system.

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