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CT and MRI Parts

ETEK Services, Inc. specializes in all General Electric CT and MRI product lines.  We supply a comprehensive inventory of new and used parts for GE CT and MRI scanners at unbeatable prices.  We carry a large inventory of new and used parts for many other makes and models of CT and MRI scanners.  If the part is not presently in our inventory, we will locate it for you.  All scanner parts are tested and guaranteed.  Contact ETEK Services for the most competitive prices.

Technical Support Available 24/7 for Part Identification

Unsure of the replacement part number or if new or used is better?  Not sure exactly what part to order?  ETEK technical support help is just a call away 24/7.  Parts and service calls are handled by engineers with the scanner equipment experience and know-how to help you determine the right part.  Tech support is readily available to talk through questions about scanner equipment and systems with asset management companies, insurance companies and bio-med engineers. On-site support after the phone call is also available through our national network of engineers.

HERO Kits Parts for Field Repair and Maintenance

To help customers with field repair, ETEK technical support technicians have assembled a series of HERO Kits containing common replacement parts for field repair and maintenance.  HERO Kits are invaluable aids to field repair especially if the site is remote.  We have kits designed specifically for each scanner and subsystem because it is nice to have the right part at hand when you need it.

CT tubes and MRI coil lifecycles are relatively short and are the most highly used parts.  This makes tubes and coils some of the most important replacement parts for any scanner system, and ETEK carries a large inventory of both new and refurbished tubes and coils.

CT Tubes

ETEK prices for new tubes are the lowest you will find and are guaranteed by the manufacturer. Used / refurbished tubes ship out the same day as ordered.  ETEK can also refurbish the tube returned by the customer with the fast turnaround time you expect from ETEK.  For the more costly tubes in the $100k range we can get qualified customers new tube financing within 24 hours.

MRI Coils

ETEK has the equipment and technicians to repair coils returned by the customer.  The savings are significant and during the repair ETEK can supply loaner coils to the medical facility.  We stock a large inventory of new and refurbished coils for all GE MRIs.

We are continuously de-installing and purchasing systems for our inventory so that we carry systems for sale and to rent.  Please call us to purchase your used systems.

Fully tested and warranted systems for sale currently in ETEK inventory:

    • GE CT/i- Base and Performix. completely refurbished ready for installation 
    • GE Lightspeed QX/i- 4-slice scanner- completely refurbished ready to install 
    • GE Lightspeed Plus- 4 slice scanner.

Is construction taking longer than anticipated?  Do you have a backlog of patients waiting for medical scans?  We have the mobile scanners available for interim or long term rentals:

  • GE- Lightspeed 16 CT scanner
  • GE -Lightspeed 4 slice scanner
  • GE - LX/i
  • GE- CT/i Performix
  • MRI-
  • GE 1.0 Hispeed LX horizon
  • Marconi 1.5 Eclipse

The most frequently requested diagnostic scanner parts are always in stock.  Many parts are located around the US, warehoused at one of the locations within our national network of engineers.   Parts will often be shipped on the next available flight or via FedEx for next day delivery.

Shipping is available 24 hours, seven days a week.  You are only a phone call, email or fax away from access to the ETEK Services parts inventory!

Contact ETEK for CT & MRI Parts

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